Bernard Sfez

Hello! My name is Bernard Sfez.

I manage web oriented projects and lead developers to successful project launch. I am full of energy and a hard worker !
How can I help you ?

  1. You are looking for a Project Manager with extended knowledge in Content management systems, Tiki Wiki and WikiSuite with solid IT background.
  2. You need someone able to design, create, publish online and maintain a new or an existing website. You look for a ready to use integrated solution.
  3. You need complex process integration and data management internal solution that require creative problem solving abilities with positive attitude.
  4. You want someone you can trust with 20 years of experience which covers many fields including eCommerce, Social Networks, Video and Multilingual.

My customers enjoy this !

Through great relational skills and multicultural management experiences I can integrate teams and take the lead as web project manager.

Solutions & Tiki Services

My services are tailored to allow quick deployment with controlled cost as well as custom development and on going maintenance.

You can benefit from ready-to-use app that can be personalised for you to use right away avoiding big cost of custom made website. You'll enjoy quickly managing your application from the palm of your hand as all are Bootstrap 4. Once your app is running it will be possible to improve it and add features to perform better with your needs and business.

Having years of experience using Tiki Wiki I have a very good understanding of the multiple needs of individuals or organisms with this powerful website builder tool. My flat rate services covers common task like new install, upgrade or hosting as well as custom development, troubleshooting or complex project design. I'm so confident that Tiki Wiki can fit most of online today's that I offer a free ride ! Enjoy Tiki for one month for free (slot availability). Check my Tiki kickstart free month offer.

Wordpress is a blog and small business card website application. If you have limited needs and resources to manage your online presence then Wordpress is a good bet. Select a theme, a domain and you'll have your website online. If you find out you need more at some point it will be possible to migrate your content and images to a Tiki Application to expand your activity and visibility on the web.


Ready to use modules for quick deployment, flexibility and cost control.
  • Kindergarten app
  • Wikipedia like app
  • Shopping Cart app
  • Contact Management app
  • Images Gallery app
  • Community app

Tiki Wiki Specialist

Wide range of services to support you to setup or maintain your Tiki website.
  • Tiki Free Trial
  • New Install & Server setup
  • Version Update
  • Troubleshooting & Fixing
  • Complex Configurations
  • Data Migration

WordPress website

Simple and Effective support for your presence on the Internet with Wordpress.
  • New Install & Server setup
  • Theme and templates
  • First configuration
  • Plugin setup
  • Backup and Maintenance
  • Data Migration

Tiki Free Trial

Yes you read correctly !

I offer you for free to use and start working on your Tiki website for one month.
Just register and I create for you a brand new Tiki on my server with admin credential and access to all my Tiki Express Tutorials to start with. On delivery I give you one hour free of consulting and support to help you during your initial setup. You test, explore and can decide without any kind of obligation. Once the trial period is over you can stay and go on, decide to use Tiki on a different hosting or simply leave, no questions asked.

Tiki Kickstart
Click here and get your free Tiki Website for a month

Register for a Tiki Free Trial

To enrolled to the Tiki Kickstart fill the following form. Rules are very simple and you have to approve them to submit your application to this project. I’ll contact you to complete your request and you’ll enjoy a Tiki website one month free of any charge.

The subdomain for your Tiki Website that will be used to reach your website. IE: If you enter "Wikivintage" your Tiki will be accessible using https://www.wikivintage.bsfez.com.
International format with the country code.
If you want to give me any relevant information.
Conditions - click to read
  • The offer includes hosting setup on one of my servers, a Tiki website install and a consulting session up to one hour online.
  • The Tiki Free Trial is made for any individual to test, explore and validate Tiki. There is no warranty of any kind concerning the protection and the restitution of the content, the setup or modification made.
  • The offer duration is 30 days and the total size of the space and the bandwidth is limited to 1gb for one person or organism only.
  • You agree to sent the following documents to validate your registration.
    • Scan of a valid ID will be required
    • Scan of a valid credit card established to the same person ID
      The credit card scan will not be used, only stored for the duration of the trial to protect myself from misuse.
  • You understand that the Tiki can be disabled at any time and everything deleted.
  • You understand that this service is given as is and I can't and won't be responsible for your using of this free trial in a way or another.
  • I'll keep the right to end any subscription without any warning and at any time.

Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

Packages & Bank hour

I offer simple priced services at a single rate of $45 per hour should you need consulting, programming or server administration.
However for individual, small businesses or non-profit organization it is important to foreseen budget. The packages below gives you the assurance to have the defined job completed for a controllable amount of money.


Web App

Select any of my ready-to-use App and enjoy website, hosting and support for 1 year.
  • 1 Year Support & Hosting
  • 5GB Linux Web Space
  • Domain & SSL configuration
  • Tiki Install & Setup
  • 20h Bank hours
  • Website Monitoring
  • Web Analytic
  • Daily Backups

Tiki Wiki Site

Select any of my ready-to-use App and enjoy website, hosting and support for 1 year.
  • 1 Year Support & Hosting
  • 1GB Linux Web Space
  • Domain & SSL configuration
  • Tiki Install & Setup
  • 10h Bank hours
  • Website Monitoring
  • Web Analytic
  • Daily Backups

Wordpress Site

Select any of my ready-to-use App and enjoy website, hosting and support for 1 year.
  • 1 Year Hosting
  • 1GB Linux Web Space
  • Domain & SSL configuration
  • Wordpress Install
  • Website Monitoring
  • Web Analytic
  • Daily Backups

Tiki Support

Select any of my ready-to-use App and enjoy website, hosting and support for 1 year.
  • Server Configuration Check
  • Tiki Configuration Check
  • Server Optimisation
  • Troubleshooting (20h)
  • 1h support/month
  • Website Monitoring
  • Web Analytic
  • Backups Consulting

Fixed rate fullstack services

I can handle most of your need on databases, servers, architectures, and end-user interface for your Web stack projects. Mastering those components and their sub-modules combined together allow me to deliver a prototype or a production application very rapidly. Using this broader angle of views and active mindset greatly help to reduce time and technical costs while being able to sit in your "visitors" shoes to complete workflow and screens. While I have a wide knowledge including Cloud Hosting, noSQL database and Big Data and other technologies my actual focus is on Tiki Wiki CMS Software a project I'm a long time member. You can hire me for consulting to prepare or to improve an existing project and no matter the task I charge at the single rate of $45 per hour of work.

Front: Sans S: Avec S: Lang tout court:

What I'm made of?

I have a very positive attitude and analytical thinking outside of the box approach when needed. I'm curious and I like to build things and to break (my own included) boundaries. That’s what Bernard Sfez is made of.

I'm a hard worker, determined and passionate with enough experience to consider risks, objectives and evolving market reality. People like to work with me because I increase the amount of positive vibrations in the work place and I don't consider a problem a bad thing, but an opportunity to improve or enhance. I have strong morals and ethics and I'm someone you can trust. My customers and friends knows I uphold respect and loyalty in life as fundamental values.

You want to know more about me ?

What I'm good at?

Entrepreneurial and result-oriented I'm able to manage a project from end to end. Multidisciplinary adept with over 20 years of versatile experience I'm a fast learner and acquire new knowledge everyday. I enjoy serving my customers and acheiving goals working under SCRUM project/software management method. I'm involved in Open-Source & FLOSS projects and an active contributor to the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (Consultant and http://www.plutora.com/blog/the-definitive-hiring-guide-for-an-application-release-manager/).

  • Real ability to listen and understand customer's needs.
  • Proven focus on getting the work done and things pushed forward.
  • Multilingual solution specialist including right to left and exhotic language encoding.
  • Proven ability to manage developer team (local or global).
  • Strong discipline and commitment (Scrum/Agile explicit requirement).
  • Solution designer including architecture, workflow and technical specifications.
  • Experience in Big Data (SQL and NoSQL database) and backup/security patterns.

Bernard Sfez skills, knowledge and customers

What caught my attention lately?

Easy to digest information that caught my attention and I found interesting to publish and explain. I maintain Bernard Sfez blog and publish content from time to time.

The Montreal 2018 Tikifest Summary

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Hello my name is Bernard Sfez and I’m a Tiki specialist and I’m back from the Tikifest 2018 Montreal.

In this video I'll do a very short summary of 2 weeks of TikiFest in conjunction with the WikiSuite unConference.
A quick summary because they were hundreds of hours of formal and informal discussion with many developers and many specialist from all kind.

Flash from Montreal Tikifest 2018 (day1)

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Today I’m live from the 2018 Montreal WikiSuite unconference that this year is sided with the Tikifest.
Yesterday we kind of regroup with all the member of the project and the Tiki community that land from all over the world. Folks from Japan, England, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Israel, Netherland and we all joined with part of the local Canadian team that organised everything so we just blend in.
Thanks you again Nathalie, Charles and Marc of course !

File Galleries feature in Tiki (Video Tutorial)

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

My name is Bernard Sfez and I’m a Tiki specialist.
In this Tiki Express tutorial I'll talk about the
 File Galleries feature in Tiki.
In this video I will show you and explain:

  • Why there is a specific feature to store files in Tiki
  • How it looks and how to use it
  • How to customize the listing and display,
  • I'll show you the File Galleries feature in Tiki control panel parameters and options,
  • An overview of some advanced options,
  • How to use files from a file gallery in a wiki page,
  • To summarize this tutorial I'll show you how Tiki search is able to retrieve information from within a file.

Tiki 18.2 LTS (long term service) has been released !

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Following a first wave of corrections and small improvement from Tiki 18 to 18.1 the Tiki community announced the release a new version for it main flagship.

Based on first test and install this version is the state of the art of Tiki and fixes dozens of regressions, add technical enhancements and visual improvement while preserving Tiki integrity and continuous compatibility. It is also part of a security updates back-ported to Tiki 15.7 and Tiki 12.14. This release was led by Roberto Kirschbaum and John Bradley with the help of other members of the community. It is strongly suggested to update your Tiki !

You can download it at : https://tiki.org/Download

Contact me

Feel free to contact me, Bernard Sfez by email : me at bsfez.com.