Bernard Sfez open source and Tiki Wiki developer

Hello, my name is Bernard Sfez, and I am a freelance full-stack developer full of energy! I build Tiki Wiki websites CMS and collaboratives applications. I manage projects, provide support, maintain and upgrade existing sites.

Freelance developer/integrator services :
  1. Collaborative content and data management online solutions.

  2. Complete and adaptable web applications ready to use in a day.

  3. Tiki Wiki; support, upgrade, installation and maintenance.

  4. Expertise in UI/UX, shopping and multilingual.

My customers enjoy these and many other services!

_quick start && budget

I have developed several ready-to-use Web Applications, mobile compatible, to better control cost and schedule.

_power && expandability

Tiki Wiki is a powerful future-proof open source software website builder. I help you to develop your tailor-made solution.

_trust && reliability

I'm dedicated to customer satisfaction with years of experience in internet, servers administration and web development.

Tiki Wiki support

Click on a module to see what it includes.
I charge per hour and propose yearly packages for a complete peace of mind.
Hosted and Supported Tiki Wiki website
Tiki configured, hosted and supported for a year
3h project coordination, Cloud hosting setup, MariaDB installation, Control panel setup, Git repository, SSL certificate setup, Tiki Installation, Initial parameters, Website publication, Tiki performances, Security settings, Regular upgrades, Monitoring, Daily Backups, 1h Support (monthly), 12 month hosting
Tiki Repair and Maintenance
Troubleshooting, consulting & Support for your Tiki for one year
Server Configuration Check, Tiki Configuration Check, Database Optimisation, Troubleshooting (4h), 1h support/month, Tiki Wiki updates, Website Monitoring, Web Analytic, Backups Consulting
Tiki Wiki Update
Upgrade safely to benefit to the next Tiki release.
Server check, Previous version backup, New install, Packaged themes settings, Database optimisation, Index verification, Global evaluation
Tiki Wiki Install
Let a professional install your Tiki so you can focus on the essential.
Server requirement checkup, Tiki Wiki install, Admin account setup, Server settings review, 1 hour support
Tiki Wiki Support and Consulting
Have a Tiki Wiki specialist in your team
3h for initial review , Server requirements check, Database optimisation, Search index verification, Tiki performances, Tiki security settings, Global Tiki evaluation, Questions and troubleshooting, Modules troubleshooting, Search Engine Friendly settings, 1h Support (monthly)
Migration to Tiki from another CMS/Wiki
Migrate your existing data from Wordpress, MediaWiki, etc. into Tiki Wiki
Previous system studies, preparation of your Tiki, Importation of content (text, pictures and documents), Injection inside the Tiki database, Encoding corrections, Menu adaptation

Pricing & Packages

I'm a freelancer and you can hire me for per hour or choose a yearly package.

< Hourly rate
My hourly rate is based on real work and does not include initial brief or research. My invoices report date and time details and I log each session to calculate the time spent on each task. For long term-projects I can setup an extra layer of control per task so each task has its own scope, comments and duration thresholds. I work on a win/win basis and "best work delivery" compared to "fastest work delivery"... worth a thousand words. This picture worth a thousand words.

< Bank hours
Working hours are based on the work done through flexible system implying mutually agreed tasks. Without annual subscription resources are better utilised and allowing a better control it spare from wasted paid hours. You have also a better control as currency exchange value (updated regularly) may modify the base price. Hour within an Hours Bank can be used up to 1 year after the purchase. The hours can be used for studies, investigations, configuration, development, maintenance, installation or team coordination.

10 Hours Bank

Benefit of a discount of : 2.5%

20 Hours Bank

Benefit of a discount of : 5%

30 Hours Bank

Benefit of a discount of : 10%

< Flat price yearly packages
My yearly and web apps packages include everything you need from the start to the end. The price and the tasks covered have been selected based on a long customer satisfaction tradition. As you pay ahead for a year I include a nice discount so it makes this fair for both sides. And, should you need a little extra, we can just add another couple of hours at my hourly rate.

Tiki Wiki Support and Consulting

$80 /month
    • 3h for initial review
    • Server requirements check
    • Database optimisation
    • Search index verification
    • Tiki performances
    • Tiki security settings
    • Global Tiki evaluation
    • Questions and troubleshooting
    • Modules troubleshooting
    • Search Engine Friendly settings
    • 1h Support (monthly)

Hosted and Supported Tiki Wiki website

$113 /month
    • 3h project coordination
    • Cloud hosting setup
    • MariaDB installation
    • Control panel setup
    • Git repository
    • SSL certificate setup
    • Tiki Installation
    • Initial parameters
    • Website publication
    • Tiki performances
    • Security settings
    • Regular upgrades
    • Monitoring
    • Daily Backups
    • 1h Support (monthly)
    • 12 month hosting

Complete Web Solution

$230 /month
    • Dedicated Web application
    • 5h project coordination
    • Cloud hosting setup
    • MariaDB installation
    • Control panel setup
    • Git repository
    • Graphic adaptation (10h)
    • Design desktop/mobile
    • SSL certificate setup
    • Search Engine Friendly settings
    • Tiki Wiki Installation
    • Initial parameters setup
    • Website publication
    • Tiki performances
    • Tiki security settings
    • Regular upgrades
    • Website Monitoring
    • Web Analytic setup
    • Daily Backups
    • Online guide and training (3h)
    • 1h Support (monthly)
    • 12 month hosting

Tiki Express Tutorials

I'm publishing tutorials to help new comers and developers on Tiki Wiki.
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What I'm made of ?

I have a positive attitude, analytical thinking and out of the box approach as needed. I'm curious, I like to build things and to push the limits.

I'm a hard worker, determined and passionate with enough experience to consider risks and objectives in an evolving market. People like to work with me because I increase the amount of positive vibrations in the work place. I don't consider a problem a bad thing, but an opportunity to improve or enhance. I have strong morals and ethics and I'm someone you can trust. My customers and friends knows I uphold respect and loyalty in life as fundamental values.

What I'm good at ?

Entrepreneurial and result-oriented I'm able to manage a project from end to end. Using multidisciplinary approach and with 20 years of experience in internet and digital communication I address challenges with modern and effective solutions.

I serve customers and achieve long terms goals working with segmented tasks list for a better control of the cost and the development timeframe. I'm involved in FLOSS and open-source projects and an active contributor to Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (Consultant and Project Administrator).

Skills && Strengths_

  • Determination to achieve objectives turning problems into opportunities.
  • Ability to analyze, understand and consider the needs and limits of the client's organization.
  • Solution designer including architecture, process and technical specifications.
  • Ability to sit on the user side to properly (UI/UX) design solution and workflow.
  • Capacity to apprehend global impact while planning architecture and writing specifications.
  • Proven ability to communicate and coordinate development teams (local or global).
  • Committed and partner my approach is win/win: "the success of your project is also mine".
  • Rich artistic and sportive life nourishing an inventive brain and can-do attitude.

What's caught my attention lately (blog) ?

Interesting and easy to digest information thoughtfully curated or created by me.

Online safety and privacy (explained to children)

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

Father of 2 teenagers with their own smartphones, I am concerned about privacy issues and their online safety. Between this hyper-connectivity and the constant implementation of new technologies without any hindsight on an often "involuntary" public, it is essential to prepare and protect our children for the revolutions to come and to give them the tools and the necessary education. For example, children (and adults) need to understand that the information they share online can be used for malicious purposes, such as harassment or impersonating. It is therefore important that they learn to protect their privacy by not sharing personal information such as their full name, address or telephone number.

Explanations of these things are all complicated and boring and I had to use a simple language and make it fun or at least pleasant. While teaching them how to safely enjoy the internet and providing them with a good security posture against malicious attacks, I saw adults walking by, stopping, listening and asking questions too. Motivated by my satisfaction in helping others, I decided to organize myself a little and prepare a publishable version of my "dad's wisdom meeting" 😉. This is the first post, let's see where the wind will take us...

You've read enough,
let's talk 😉

Contact me to schedule a meeting to discuss how I can help with Tiki or a web app project.