Kindergarten Web App management

This app will help small/medium companies associations and organisms to manage subscriptions and payments, parents and children information, activities and publications, employees working hour and reports. It is a perfect tool for kindergarten, scholar and extra-scholar class, activity group and can be adapted to your specific needs.

$199/monthly cost*

Order and start working
  • Customers subscription and user management
  • Calendar with holidays and events
  • Private/Public pictures and Videos galleries
  • Holidays camps and special events registration
  • Recipes, menus and nutrition policy
  • Parents Hub and communication
  • Parents testimonials
  • Payments and orders dashboard
  • Missing payment automatic notifications
  • Terms and conditions acceptance
  • Suppliers, emergency and administrative contacts
  • Team area with information and clockwork
  • Employees worked hour report
  • Accounting monthly reports
  • Adapted to mobile, tablet and smartTV
  • Multilingual (includes right to left languages)
  • 12 month hosting and setup with SSL certificate
  • Graphic template adaptation (10h)
  • Online guide and training session (1h)
  • Web monitoring, backup and free support (12h)
Renewal Price is $69/month* and includes
  • Third party services renewal
  • Tiki Maintenance
  • Tiki Upgrades
  • 1h support per month
  • Website Monitoring
  • Daily Backups

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