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Manage, sort, organise and publish or directly sale your pictures, audio files and video files online. Create galleries, set your listing display preferences and upload from your desktop computer or your mobile and your creation will be online. Let the web app automatically records usage information (like hits, size, etc.) and display images Exif informations (professional photography information). Have your images displayed single, using contacts page or using sliders or diaporama through pages you'll compose or your sale catalog.

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Order and start working
  • Virtual folders and sub-folders
  • Files management (images, audio, video and documents)
  • Archives are kept (previous versions of a file are saved)
  • Carousel, Swiper, Slider and Diaporama
  • Large amount of recognized files
  • Exif information collection
  • Permissions per galleries, per type, per object
  • Category feature
  • Paypal® payment (default, not limited to)
  • Secret link via e-mail (access to a restricted file)
  • Social Network and RSS feed integration
  • Usage and visitors statistics
  • Multilingual (includes right to left languages)
  • Website adapted to mobile, tablet and smartTV
  • 12 month hosting and setup with SSL certificate
  • Graphic template adaptation (10h)
  • Online guide and training session (1h)
  • Web monitoring, backup and free support (12h)
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Contact me to order this web app or ask questions and we'll schedule a meeting. I'll help you to organise and I'll publish your website contributing effectively and smoothly on the way to your success. 😉

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